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Inmates escape jail just to sneak back in after getting drunk

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On Monday UPI reported that four inmates have been escaping from an Australian prison, though they aren’t sure how long it’s been going on. However, once they did what they set out to do—which apparently was to get drunk— they returned to their home behind bars.

The four men escaped from a work release center by jumping a fence. Australia’s ABC reports that the men would duck out of Berrimah jail for a few hours but would return before the 7 p.m. headcount.

Though it isn’t certain how many times these men have jumped the fence, it was described that the prisoners would escape from “time to time” to find alcohol. They were reportedly picked up by partners on the outside and were given alcohol as well as other contraband items, such as cell phones.

Their little operation seemed to be running pretty smoothly until they were discovered. Last week five drunk inmates were found arguing over a cell phone. Double whammy. After their adventures had been discovered, a search was conducted of the work release area. Alcohol, phones and chargers, rolling pages, what could be marijuana and a lighter were all found.

The men have since been moved to the maximum security section of the Berrimah jail and they are currently awaiting whatever charges the police decide on. A spokesman for the NT Department of Correctional Services said it will ultimately be up to the police to decide if these prisoners should be charged with escaping.

What do you think? If they technically came back every time, do escape charges really seem fitting? Do you think the fact they came back could get them out early for good behavior?