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Inmate starved to death: Doctor is fired after Kentucky prisoner dies

A prisoner at a Kentucky prison dies of starvation.
A prisoner at a Kentucky prison dies of starvation.

An inmate starved to death in a Kentucky prison is receiving national attention today. James Kenneth Embry is the man that died, and he had only three years left on sentence. He was serving a nine year sentence on a drug charge. How did the man starve to death? On April 21, The Inquisitr reported on the death of the inmate and the reasons behind it.

Embry was on a hunger strike. He not only refused meals, but he also refused anti-anxiety medication that the prison doctor prescribed for him. Over the course of a year, he lost 30 pounds of weight. When he died, he weighed only 138 pounds. He was only drinking tea.

Following his death, an investigation was done, and it was discovered that the man was prescribed the wrong medication for the mental issues he was suffering from. He was having suicidal thoughts. The investigation also revealed that the man was not correctly monitored by the staff. He should not have starved to death.

What was Embry's death classified after he was examined by the coroner? It was listed as a suicide. The main cause of the inmate's death was 'extreme dehydration.' Since the man's death, the doctor of the prison has been fired, and two other people on staff are also on their way to possibly being fired as well.

What do you think of this inmate's death? Were his problems ignored by the prison staff? One thing is clear here. No one should die of starvation, especially in an environment where food is readily available. A prison would have food for all of its prisoners, wouldn't it?