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Inmate called 911: Investigation ongoing into man's death

An inmate called 911 in a recording that has been gathered as evidence in his killing. The report published by KSWO Jan. 29 reveals that man serving time at a correctional facility in Lawton, Okla. tried making several phone calls to 911 on Sunday.

The victim -- Christopher Glass -- was an inmate at Lawton GEO. He was discovered found lying on the floor in his jail cell. It was also learned tht the inmate called 911 a number of times, but his voice was not actually on the recordings, it was of another person.

A horrific voice could be heard saying,"Whether or not you're a dead man. Just hang up."

It is unclear who it was that said that, but authorities are trying to identify the individual.

Police records document six calls that were made between 8:50 p.m. on Sunday and 1:55 a.m.on Monday. Glass' body was discovered by prison guards at 7:20 a.m. Monday.

Toxicology reports will be used to help determine the cause of death.

It is unsettling that a death occurred in prison because an inmate called 911. Another mystery remains as to how the inmate got the phone to begin with.

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