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Inmate called 911: Killer's voice heard over phone, man dials help before death

Sample cell from a retention center in the U.S.
Sample cell from a retention center in the U.S.
Photo File (Shutterstock), CS Monitor

An inmate called 911 a number of times prior to his sudden death at Lawton Correctional Facility in Oklahoma this week. Recordings over the phone catch the eerie voice of the man’s potential killer, and reveal that the victim was likely dialing repeatedly for help before he was killed. shares this Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, the 33-year-old prisoner was found only several hours later dead on the floor of his cell after the emergency attempts failed.

The inmate called 911 between 8:50 p.m. this Sunday night between 1:55 a.m. very early Monday morning. Police records have confirmed that no less than six calls were made from 33-year-old prisoner Christopher Glass at the Oklahoma correctional facility. Ominously, investigators have been able to just barely catch the killer’s voice during one of the recordings — his threats can be heard over the phone.

Authorities at the large prison center found inmate Glass’ body shortly after 7 a.m. Monday morning. Glass’ voice cannot be heard on the dialed phone messages, but the calls do pick up a faint voice before the 33-year-old’s death, thought to be that of his still-unknown murderer.

"Whether or not, you're a dead man. Just hang up," whispers the male voice in one of the recordings.

According to the press release surrounding Christopher Glass and the inmate called 911 story, the 33-year-old convicted criminal was serving a number of 6-year sentences for illegal possession of a firearm, drug possessions inside and outside of jail, and an undisclosed felony. Prison guards who discovered his lifeless body this Monday morning confirmed that there were some visible injuries present, but authorities are waiting to hear back from toxicology to ascertain an exact cause as well as time of death.

Although a number of violent incidents and assaults happen often at detention centers and jails across the U.S., Police Captain Craig Akard recently released a statement in which he said that instances where inmates call 911 or are killed are uncommon, however.

"You may have a group of guys involved when a skirmish starts," he said. "Maybe the same guy gets into a fight with another the next day, but both parties walk away ... You can't really say 'that's where the (fatal) injury occurred.'"

The investigation into the inmate’s sudden death, as well as who the voice on the phone recording was and if it was indeed his killer, is still ongoing as of Thursday evening.

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