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'Ink Master': This week was all about contrast

Dave Navarro judge on Ink Master
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The artists were informed on Tuesday night’s episode of “Ink Master” that their challenges for this week would be all about contrast, meaning the dark and light colors needed to be accentuated so the tattoo would pop. First, the flash challenge involve tattooing what the canvases felt was their beach moment, the time to relax and fell at ease the moment when nothing bothers them and they are at peace, and that was panic mode because the artists had nothing to go on except what their canvases would tell them.

Elimination challenge involved tattooing and neo-traditional lady or gentleman, they were to work in pairs on a single canvas. And the stress level on all artists was obvious once they heard that they would need to tattoo with a partner, and despite the tattoos being judged separately there would still need to be some cohesion and above all contrast on both tattoos.

Matti won the flash tattoo so had the opportunity to choose whom he wanted to work with and strategically he chose Scott and assigned the other pairs and canvases. And from the get go King Ruck and Eric had trouble with their canvas who argued against their suggestions and felt dizzy and they were unable to finish, but King Ruck went ahead and tattooed himself a rose showing contrast, whereas Erick just sat down and whined.

Sausage was the winner and had to choose an artist for elimination and he chose Eric, the human canvases also chose Eric, the judges called King Ruck, Bubba, and Eric. This last one was eliminated, but then Dave Navarro advised the others not to relax and Bubba was also sent home.

“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.

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