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'Ink Master': The final 6 stand out

Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro, and Chris Nunez judges on Ink Master
Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro, and Chris Nunez judges on Ink Master
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike TV)

Last night on “Ink Master” the challenge was all about detail, those touches in a picture that makes it stand out above the rest. Scott, yes Scott, once again won the flash challenge much to Sausage’s chagrin, which makes his victory even sweeter; since Sausage comes out as one of those haters that abound in competitions such as this, one of those who rather than concentrate on the task at hand just longs for others to fail so that he can somewhat shine through.

But again true to himself, Scott went ahead and assigned the skulls making sure to challenge Sausage, but also Gentle Jay, who turns out to be another whiner received a challenging tattoo with just as challenging a canvas, who asked for a specific part of his body to be tattooed; however, Gentle Jay argued that he was receiving a free tattoo therefore should take what he was dealt. He was unprofessional and rude and ultimately put up for elimination by Matti who won the elimination tattoo, and also by the canvas jury. Then Gentle Jay tried to take the spotlight by discrediting Scott and claiming that his drawings were not original, but that he had actually just traced other’s original work, the judges obviously disagreed and explained that Scott has added his own touches therefore making his creations original.

Then it was time for elimination and before the judges stood Melissa, Matti, and Gentle Jay. Matti being the winner gets to stand along with the artist he puts up for elimination, the judges then went on to explain that Melissa’s tattoo was short of being the top tattoo due to some lines not being up to par, and Gentle Jay’s shield on the warrior he drew was just dark without any real work, much less detail.

And then a surprise, no one was sent home because there was no bad tattoo, the competition is so strong that just details at this point in the competition can send someone packing, but such was not the case last night and all 6 artists remain in the running for the title of “Ink Master”.

“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.