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'Ink Master': The excuses do not save artist

Dave Navarro judge on Ink Master
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This show is about a rough and tough crowd, where excuses do not save the artist and the critiques are not for the weak at heart. On Tuesday night’s installment the artists were asked to do a tattoo with placement as the premise on the flash challenge and they were given naked human canvases.

Scott came out on top and for that reason was given the advantage of assigning the canvases and tattoos for the elimination challenge. Yes, he was strategic and decided on who got what based on what he has seen as each of the other artist’s weakness, however, throughout the day kept on egging and enjoying the hardship through which he had put all his fellow artists, and by that placed a huge target on his back for future challenges.

Once the artists were asked to put machines down the critique began and most were praised but Scott again took the top prize and with that he was also asked to put one artist up for elimination based on the work produced, the human canvases also based on the tattoos they had just received would put one artist up for elimination. Scott chose Randy and the human canvases Bubba. Randy tried to place his sex orientation as the card by which he could excuse his bad tattooing; however, the judges would not have it and explained that he was solely being judged on the work produced that was without doubt one of the worse tattoos of the day and for that reason Randy was sent home.

Ink Master" runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike

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