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'Ink Master:' Scott dodges the bullet

Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro, and Chris Nunez judges on Ink Master
Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro, and Chris Nunez judges on Ink Master
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Spike TV

On Tuesday night’s installment of “Ink Master”, the first task for the remaining 5 contestants in the running for the grand prize was the Flash Challenge, and it was all about proportion. And they were to draw the Statue of Liberty exactly as it is, no embellishment, no adding, and much less subtracting.

Upon finishing with the drawing the artists were told that they were not done yet, and the second part of the challenge was to tattoo their drawings onto a human canvas. All received praise for their final products; however, Scott did not get the win only because he drew 6 spikes on the crown when in reality there is 7, Halo in turn won and got to assign the canvases for the Elimination Tattoo.

The Elimination Tattoo was about traditional Japanese and all the canvases were to receive a snake tattoo, but they all were to be placed on the ribs, and a collective sigh of frustration came from all artists who are well aware that the rib is one of the most sensitive parts of the body to tattoo. Halo made no qualms about it and from the get go announced, he was gunning for Scott and therefore gave him the canvas who had no experience in receiving tattoos and seem to want the most complicated of designs. This canvas also had an idea of what she wanted done; but, Scott advice her that he was on top and knew how to proceed, and she would be better of listening to him, she agreed and was happy with the final product.

Then it was time for judgment and other than Matti, the artists all received scathing and brutal critics for their lack of proportion and inability to incorporate the traditional Japanese touch that was the basis on which all tattoos were to be created. And for the first time Scott was at the bottom and told that he had completely missed the mark. Matti chose Halo, whose tattoo was also a big mess that was confusing and disturbing. The human canvases chose Scott, as the artist they felt was the worse; Melissa was also summoned for the judge’s final decision.

Melissa wound up being sent home because of a technicality and not because her's was the worse tattoo, and that was and will remain a surprise. “Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.