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'Ink Master' knows some artists are ‘Fighting Dirty’ on Spike

Gentle Jay from Ink Master
"Photo courtesy of Spike, used with permission”

Tonight’s episode of “Ink Master” is now down to six tattoo artists competing for an editorial feature in Inked magazine, the monetary prize of $100,000 and the most enviable of all prizes; the title of “Ink Master.” Last week, Kyle Dunbar left after his tirade against judge Chris Nunez, and in the Elimination Challenge, Lydia Bruno was out of the competition.

As the episode begins, Scott and Matti are discussing how they plan to eliminate Sausage. They plan to throw him under the bus each time they are in control of the skulls. Scott seems to have it in for Sausage more than anyone else, but Matti knows Sausage is a strong competitor, so the plan is to break him.

As they head for the Flash Challenge, they are brought to a boxing gym. Dave announces the word of the day is Detail. Detail is making sure all the small things that make a tattoo pop, are included in their work. For this challenge, they have a very special guest judge, a former WBA lightweight champion, Brandon Rios. They had an hour to engrave a mouth guard/grill that Brandon would love. Immediately, Sausage asked him several questions that meant a lot to him. Scott’s vendetta against Sausage seems to consume him, as he cares nothing about the rest of the competition, but wants to beat him, using every relatable word that goes with or means sausage, like wiener, slippery and little. Sausage knows that if he gets the chance to choose skulls, that Scott and Halo should watch their asses, but Matti is in on the coup as well. Melissa is having a hard time engraving such a small surface, as the engraving tool gets very hot. Gentle Jay realizes that Matti and Halo are being submissive to Scott’s charm, but do not realize that he is using it to cover his bullsh*t, and he would throw them under the bus along with Sausage. Unfortunately, for Sausage, Scott won the Flash Challenge.

Back in the loft, Gentle Jay started the conversation about Scott winning, when the consensus was that someone else had more detail than him. He feels that whenever he wins, nobody else agrees. He told Sausage he had a skull for him, and Sausage countered by telling him the last skull he gave him; he knocked out of the park.

For the Elimination Challenge, Brandon stayed to judge this round, but America will be voting along with the human canvas jury. For this challenge, Detail will again be the critical point. They must each tattoo a warrior, from any time period and any culture. When the skulls were assigned, Sausage received a woman who wanted a ribcage tattoo, and Gentle Jay got a guy who he felt was a total dick. Jay would tattoo himself, if this guy does not cooperate. When time was just about up, Scott walked around with his canvas to show everyone what a great job he did, but Gentle Jay recognized the tattoo he did and believed that Scott was tracing. He went to Sausage and Halo and showed them a near-identical picture of the tattoo Scott did.

As they faced the judges, Gentle Jay got to speak his piece and showed the near-identical picture of Scott’s tattoo. Scott defended himself by saying that he prints out several pictures and does a composite using the pictures as a guide. He stated he did not copy, but suggested that Jay did the same. The judges seemed to again side with Scott. Matti won the best tattoo of the day, the only one in full color, and will choose the artist for elimination.

Back in the loft, Scott was defending himself and now has a vendetta against Jay, but it may be too late. When Oliver came to the loft, he asked Matti who he was putting up for elimination, and it was Jay, so he called for Matti, Jay and Melissa to come downstairs.

Jay was there because Matti put him up for elimination, and Melissa’s was voted by the judges as having one of the weaker tattoos of the competition. Jay was also voted by the human canvas jury as the worst, but the canvas truly campaigned for Jay to be voted as the worst, and it worked.

In the end, nobody was told they did not have what it takes to be “Ink Master.” The judges believed that they are down to the six best tattoo artists and want them to show their best in the next weeks to com. Good luck!

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