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'Ink Master' canvases are ‘Nude & Tattooed’ on Spike

Tonight’s episode of “Ink Master” is now down to fourteen tattoo artists who are competing for the title of “Ink Master,” an editorial feature in Inked magazine and the monetary prize of $100,000. Last week, David Bell was eliminated because the severe pain in his back caused him to do a tattoo, far below his capability.

Randy Vollink first gay tattooer on Ink Master
Spike TV

As the episode begins, the non-eliminated artists return to the loft. As Roland returns, and not David, the mood is dampened, as he is perceived as the worst of the group. For the Flash Challenge, the theme is Placement. As the canvases arrive, each is naked, but the private parts are blurred for the camera. The placement of the tattoo will be essential to how the person looks when nude, and winner has the power to choose the canvases for the entire group in the Elimination Challenge. Canvases have been chosen at random for this challenge with three hours to complete the task. Kyle was overheard stating he did not want to tattoo a penis, and Bubba believes his girl will break up with him today.

As the canvases described what they wanted, several artists were put off because they did not want the guy’s penis or hairy balls in their face while they tattooed. Gentle Jay had a woman who wanted a cat’s face between her breasts, and he felt confident that placement would win him the challenge. As Jim was shaving the guy’s leg for the tattoo, he kept hitting his penis with his hand, making him very uncomfortable. Scott plans to perform like a prize fighter today and not let Sausage win.

When the time was up, the evaluations began. Jim’s bottle with words “See You in Hell” was well received. Jay’s cat was well done and well placed. Halo did a nice job on a scene of Antarctica on a guy’s thigh. Bubba’s hourglass on a woman’s ribcage was nicely placed, but the background lacked definition. Kyle did a cartoonish cat on a woman’s ankle that was rated one of the best they ever saw from him. Lydia did a falling star design on a woman’s shoulder that was lovely. Matti’s gerbera daisy design on a woman’s back was too generically placed for the judges liking. Keith’s anchor with shamrocks on a guy’s ribcage was properly placed and well received by the judges. Roland made a branch with a few flowers, but the ending of the branch stopped without definition. Melissa’s ribcage tattoo on a woman was nice, but did not flow the way the judges expected. King Ruck did one on a woman’s leg, but the placement was not good, and it interfered with another tattoo she had. Randy's tattoo was good, but the placement did not satisfy the judges. Sausage did a beautiful 9-11 tattoo on a man’s calf, but Oliver did not like the shading of the top versus the bottom. Scott did a tree on the back of a man’s neck and did a good job with placement and was declared the winner. Now Scott has plans of ending the camaraderie of the group by choosing his canvases with a vengeance.

Back at the loft, Sausage congratulated Scott, and asked him if he had any plans. His reply was to make sure Halo and Sausage do not win the big prize. Sausage is not afraid because he knows what he brings to the game, but warned Scott that the survivors will be targeting him; to which he declared, “Bring it!”

For the Elimination Challenge, along with America, the human canvas jury and the three regular judges, the guest judge was New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who got his first tattoo at 15, and has been addicted ever since. Today the challenge, along with placement is to create an aquatic tattoo, with all the elements necessary to bring the tattoo to life. Plants, fish, bubbles, and all the elements needed to be as realistic as possible and nicely placed on the body to further bring it to life. As Scott handed out the skulls, he stated, “Sausage, you are not going to win today!”

As the canvases announced their artists, everyone knew it was doomsday for them, and Scott was taking no prisoners, and wanted no friends. With the rest of the night to confer with the canvas, they had six hours the next day to complete their tattoos.

The most disappointed of the artists had to be Bubba, who had a canvas who wanted a butt tattoo. As he tried to dissuade him from that area, the man only had an eight inch by eight-inch area free, and it was on his butt. Bubba feels that for a placement challenge, this could cost him $100,000.

The next day, Scott was the most hated of all people, and usually quiet Sausage even called him a dick. Bubba is still pissed, and at home; he will not tattoo a rear end. Roland’s canvas was having a problem, and he has not done the color yet. As Chris and Oliver went around checking each tattoo, he stated that Randy’s was a mess. Finally, time was up and the judging began.

For the critique, Scott was up first and Oliver loved his tattoo. The edges were soft and the placement was great, and the raised eyebrows on the rest of the group proved their disdain as his gloating was enough to rile them more. Matti did a good job, but needed more layering in the wave above the whale’s head. Kyle’s was considered mediocre with details left out, which led him to object loudly to his critique. Jim’s was a great tattoo, and the shading on the diver’s helmet was well done. Halo’s had a lot of bad outlines in his and the shading with not meet with the judge’s approval. Melissa did a mermaid, but her canvas did not want a pretty mermaid, but the details were not up to par. Keith’s tones did not differentiate between the anchor and the eel making it difficult to read. King Ruck did nothing to make his scene seem underwater and left him in the middle of the pack. Roland’s did not have solid colors and seemed unfinished and left a lot to be desired. Lydia did not make the water around the squid look as good as she could have done. Jay did a large tattoo, but the background took the eye away from the main focus of the ship. Bubba’s drawing was not done well as Scott was grinning from ear to ear. Sausage did an awesome tattoo and each judge, including CC loved it. Randy’s received low marks for his weak outline, but as he tried to plead his case, it fell on deaf ears, as his work was all that mattered.

Dave announced the best three tattoos of the day, Matti, Scott and Sausage. The winner was Scott, who could nominate the artist with the worst tattoo, up for elimination and the same time, the human canvas jury was deliberating. Back at the loft, Randy was in tears, but then came to Scott to tell him that if he was to put him up for elimination, let it be for a bad tattoo, but he was not ready to leave.

Scott put Randy up for elimination, and Oliver asked for Scott, Bubba, Randy and Roland. Roland was judged by the human canvas jury as the worst of the day. Bubba was there because the jury considered his one of the worst, and he stated that he just wanted to take down Scott. CC told him that he should compete against himself and not worry about what others do. He described his pitching as not against a single batter, but the whole lineup, and he should do the same.

Dave told the three that justifiably any one of them could be sent home, but it was Randy, who was told he did not have what it takes to be “Ink Master.” Chris told him that he was a nice guy and do not cop-out by using being gay as an excuse. As he further tried to justify his being gay in a male-dominated macho profession, Oliver told him that when he started, he was a little, scrawny punk-rock skater kid who was not welcomed into the crazy world ruled by bikers and the like. But then Randy turned bitter as he was told to pack his equipment and leave.

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