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Injured pit bull with endearing huge head rescued in Tijuana needs help

Tijuana, Mex. - After a desperate plea was disseminated to help a skinny blue-nose pit bull with a severely injured leg in Tijuana, Mexico, The Little Red Dog, Inc., acted quickly to save her.

Jess needs a long-term foster, donation, physical therapy and/or doggie cart
PJ Rosch, The Little Red Dog, Inc.
Jess needs a foster home/adopter and donations
PJ Rosch, The Little Red Dog, Inc.

Now named Jess, her story actually began two years ago when a resident of Tijuana, Mexico, found her as a stray and sought out to find her a forever home. She was able to place her with a family in Tijuana, Mexico. Unfortunately, the family returned Jess to the woman, but she was in a very pitiful state. She was dirty, thin and could not put any weight on her front leg.

With a house full of of own rescues, the woman asked a male friend to temporarily hold Jess until she could reach out to her rescue contacts in the U.S. for help. The man agreed, but circumstances were such that Jess needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

Unspayed, Jess was in heat. That made her especially vulnerable to the thousands of male canines running loose on the streets of Tijuana. In addition, the man who agreed to provide Jess with temporary shelter lives in one of the seediest parts of Tijuana. It would have been too easy for Jess to end up in very bad hands.

Although neither ideal, nor the way rescues are generally handled in the U.S., rescuers in Tijuana do what they can to save homeless animals who would otherwise die without their intervention. Despite their all-out efforts, some strays still don't make it. However, many strays do, and are alive and healthy today because of their commitment and dedication.

What these rescuers lack in resources, they more than make for in compassion and love. If not for them, many animals would be dead today. Examples of just three Tijuana rescues are in the slideshow. You will see Diane, rescued by Baja Dog Rescue; Thor, rescued by The Mutt Scouts; and a mange puppy, rescued by Animal Rescuers Without Borders.

As for Jess, rescuers were fully cognizant of the immediacy of the situation. As such, word about her was networked widely and quickly. Thankfully, PJ Rosch, Founder and CEO of The Little Red Doc, Inc., was able to make transportation arrangements with the help of other rescuers and successfully got Jess across the border, into the U.S., and up to her rescue in the Orange County area.

Rosch says Jess is an adorable blue nose pit bull with a huge head and a very small body - weighing only 41 pounds, most of which looks as if is her enormous head. She has a sweet personality, but can be grumpy or reactive with other dogs - although Rosch makes it clear that behavior could be easily corrected. If other dogs are in the house, someone with patience and time would be ideal. Rosch believes no one has ever been nice to Jess; nevertheless, she "really takes to people." Rosch further emphasizes that "everyone who meets [Jess] falls in love [with her]." By the looks of Jess in the video, that's an accurate depiction.

Although Jess is now safe, she is currently being boarded at the vets. She also needs vet care. Not only does she need to be spayed when she gets out of heat, but she will need to see a specialist for her badly injured leg.

So there are two - maybe three - pressing issues. First, she needs long-term foster care. Second, donations are needed to help defray the costs of her vet care. No amount is too small. Third, someone who has animal physical therapy experience and/or a doggie cart would be helpful.

Anyone who can foster or provide physical therapy and/or a doggie cart is asked to email Rosch at

Tax deductible donations can be made in the following ways:

  1. PayPal to and notate that your donation is for "Jess"
  2. By visiting The Little Red Dog, Inc.'s website and clicking on the "Donate" link
  3. By sending a check by snailmail to The Little Red Dog, Inc., 21716 Rushford Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630

The Little Red Dog, Inc. has a facebook page. You can go directly to Jess's facebook thread here.

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