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Injured dog, trapped in ditch, rescued by police and firefighters

An injured dog, who is believed to have been trapped in an irrigation ditch in Post Falls, Idaho, for at least two days, was rescued on Monday by police officers and firefighters.

Dog rescued from ditch in Idaho
Screen Shot via KXLY News

The Post Falls Police Department posted a video of the rescue effort to their Facebook wall on Monday evening...the golden retriever mix was obviously injured in some manner and was not only dehydrated, but also unable to stand. Rescuers placed the dog in a basket for the hike out of the area, and then onto a stretcher and into an ambulance to be transported to a veterinarian.

The dog, dubbed "Bridger," is currently recuperating at the River City Animal Hospital - he is hooked up to I.V. fluids and resting.

The Post Falls Police Department shared this post with their Facebook followers not long after the injured dog was saved:

The dog is currently being treated for dehydration and neglect. We think the dog had been there for at least two days and if it had not been rescued it would have perished. We do not believe the dog was shot it looks like he just fell down. If you have any information on who this dog might belong to please let us know. Also a big thank you to KCFR for all their assistance.

If an owner is not located in the next few days, Bridger will be moved to an area animal rescue agency. Anyone who recognizes this dog is asked to call thge Post Falls Police Animal Safety at : 208-773-3517

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