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Injured beagle fills up with air, fights for life

Sleepy, injured beagle
Sleepy, injured beagle
A Shelter Friend

The photo of "Sleepy," a 20 pound beagle, is not a distorted cartoon image - it is the face of a severely injured dog who is fighting for his life.

According to the rescue organization, A Shelter Friend, Sleepy was attacked by a large dog and his trachea was punctured.

Earlier this week, the grievously wounded dog wandered into a homeowner's yard near Elizabethtown, N.C., and he was promptly taken to an area animal shelter and then rushed to a veterinarian for care.

On Thursday, the rescue agency stated:

The Vet is having to insert needles and squeeze the air out, just to have it fill right back up again. He is being stabilized at the Elizabethtown Vet Hospital and then will need to go to specialist to repair the trachea.

On Friday morning, the agency wrote:

However, Sleepy is running up a vet bill and will need at least $1500 to save his life. A Shelter Friend is a 501c3 not for profit Charity funded by donations from kind hearted people who love animals to save both animals on the euthanasia list and medical emergencies. The County Kill shelter is unable to keep any animal that needs medical attention and would euthanize. We have had a policy of helping an animal that needs medical rather then letting them die. Unfortunately, not enough funds are coming in to help Sleepy.

Without funds, Sleepy will die.

Anyone who would like to make a contribution towards this injured dog's veterinary care can do so by one of the following methods:

Elizabethtown Vet Hospital 910-862-3000 or directly to the rescue agency's website donate button

Follow A Shelter Friend on Facebook here.

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