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Inger Price welds her works for Art & Brew

An April 26, 2014 Art & Brew event will be filled with artists galore including a beautiful, quirky metal sculptor who enjoys making both dramatic and humorous statements. Inger Price loves to work metals into expressions of art although some of her real hands-on welding training came from a male dominated job in the manufacturing industry where she welded pipe fittings.

Beginning - Floral sculpture table donated to KVIE televised art auction
Inger Price
Metal Sculpture and paintings by Inger Price
Inger Price

Inger approaches the world and her artwork much the same way she handled the pressures of a woman in a so-called man’s world. She made herself comfortable, turned adversaries into friends, and succeeded in learning what she needed to learn. She says she learned much through trial and error in many mediums but also received sculpture training at Yuba College with Glenn Husted. Julian Rogas was her industry welding trainer who she credits with being patient enough to the degree she was able to become a professional welder and crawl into the pipes and work her welding magic when the guys could not due to being encumbered by their size.

Current favorite projects of Inger are large sculptures and sculptural furniture. She actually enjoys the big works because they make her feel small. Yes, she enjoys feeling small and says “like when one looks up at the oceans of stars and realizes their own insignificance. I'm comforted by that feeling and deeply inspired by nature.” This is a remarkable approach when one considers that many people’s hidden agenda is to feel bigger and more significant.

The majority of Inger Price’s work to date has been “used to improve the community” with less gallery environment exhibition. She has done projects for community colleges, public libraries, community gardens and multiple fundraisers for youth programs. Inger truly believes that “art is an important tool for positive social change.” However, Price isn’t adverse to Gallery shows and has a large piece in Blue Line Gallery’s “Re-Mastered” show that runs Feb. 27 through April 6. The piece is 5 feet by 6 feet and hangs from the ceiling and is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “La Scapigliata.”

Because many of Inger’s pieces take a long time to create she has found it difficult to get a collection together for gallery shows but hopes to continue further in that direction into galleries all over California. She says, “I wouldn’t get mad if I booked a show out of the country either.” Her humor is also evident in her pop art T-shirts and other fanciful creations like her painted palm fronds.

Inger’s work also extends into the Indie film industry where she creates custom props and does occasional on-set work in various tasks. She is most recognized for her organic themed, large steel florals and birds, tables and other furniture in stainless and mild steel. However, she is working on completing 10 to 15 smaller pieces to accompany 6 or 7 large pieces at the upcoming Art & Brew event. One of her potential Art & Brew works in progress is a baby dragon that can be seen in the attached slideshow. Cool!

The Placer SPCA is also collaborating in the Art & Brew event and will benefit from a portion of the proceeds of art and beer sales. Benefiting an animal cause is a grand idea to Inger who loves most animals. Since her “cat-child” was with her for a third of her life, placing another pet in her home is delayed by that lingering ache of loss. Inger says her fur-baby was “a magnificent being” that taught her so much which makes her “a hard act to follow.” But if the Placer SPCA rolls up at Art & Brew, she can’t promise to not “rub bacon on her clothes, get in and roll all around” with the puppies.

The Art & Brew event takes place at the Roseville Brewing Company located at 501 Derek Place in Roseville, CA. The variety of artists is an exciting part of the event being curated by Gayle Rappaport-Weiland. Inger states that so far she is only familiar with Gayle’s work and is looking forward to meeting all the other artists and “like the visitors will be discovering the great works ….”

When asked what she thinks of the brewery art combo and if she is a beer lover, Inger responds with her quirky manner by saying, “It’s the silliest question I’ve ever been asked.” She LOVES beer and believes brewing something so special is an art form in itself. Inger also says that the Roseville Brewing Company’s ability to capture the ambiance of a traditional Irish pub while being placed in an industrial type neighborhood is admirable. Sampling their craft beers impressed her with the recipes, flavor and textures and if she had more free time she'd probably be “a total beer snob and rent a stool at their bar.”

While Inger Price likes to pack heavy meaning into her art pieces and has a very philosophical nature, her wit and humor often collaborate with her practical side to create functional pieces that are also fun to look at like her signature tables and benches. Art & Brew will be an ideal time for art lovers to get a firsthand look at the work of Inger Price and also enjoy some craft beer, support the Placer SPCA and have a great time. All seventeen participating artists are expected to be in attendance and ready to chat with visitors about their work. The brewery will be serving their current selections of craft beer and a gourmet food truck will complete the offerings for the 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Art & Brew day.

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