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ING Bank blocks account of Palestinian charity

ING Bank blocks account of Palestinian charity due to name
ING Bank blocks account of Palestinian charity due to name
Stand Up For Palesitne

On Saterday, Reuters reported that Israel agreed to another 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire. Hamas countered, by saying that it would only accept the ceasefire, if Israel withdrew its ground troops out of the Gaza Strip. Israels cabinet was advised by the U.N. to implement the "humanitarian hiatus". This would give relief-workers enough time to bring in new supplies for the civilians that are trapped in the Gaza Strip.

Residence aren't able to seek refuge outside of the territory, because their boarders are blockaded by Israel and Egypt. Humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross, have been sending their people to the Gaza Strip. A lot of financial aid has been trickling in as well from countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. The International Business Times reported on Sunday that Japan has pledged $5 million in aid, but is scared that Egypt is blocking much needed supplies from coming into the Gaza Strip.

Grass roots organizing

Across the entire world, pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been taking place. The media has been covering demonstrations in Sweden, France, Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. Organizations such as Stand Up For Palestine have launched a creative t-shirt messaging campaign. They designed a t-shirt that displays three cartoon characters holding up the Palestinian flag. Above the figures you read the slogan "Stand Up For Palestine". Over 70% of the organizations proceeds are being donated to the residence of the Gaza Strip. The organization had opened a business account with ING Bank.

Insufficient funds

The plan was to electronically deposit the transactions of their t-shirt sales, into a ING business account. After developing the website and t-shirt, the organization then opened a ING business account at one of the branch locations in Amsterdam. Before leaving the branch, they were reassured by an ING employee that they had provided the bank with all the required information and that the business account was fully active. Before launching their site, Stand Up For Palestine tested the payment system and noticed immediately that something was wrong with their business account. The payments weren't being processed properly by the ING.

Stand Up For Palestine contacted the ING for an explanation. A representative of the bank explained that the account had been blocked because it wasn't made clear what the account would be used for. The bank also wanted to look into who exactly the organization was going to be donating the money too.

Until they receive a final decision from the ING, Stand Up For Palestine is only able to process payments via PayPal.

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