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Infrared Photography

Taken with a converted Olympus E-PL1
Taken with a converted Olympus E-PL1
John M Poltrack

Recently I replaced my Olympus E-PL1 camera with a newer model. I decided to have the older model converted to an infrared model using services provided by Life Pixel located in Mukileto, WA. The process consists of replacement of the infrared BLOCKING filter with an infrared PASS filter.

After conversion the camera is essential useless for taking "normal" photos but that was not my concern. I've been interested in Infrared photography since the 1960s when I purchased a few rolls of Kodak Aero-Infrared for my 35mm camera. In those analog days, the film needed to be kept cool, focus was an issue. The film lens had a red dot to indicate the proper focus adjustment needed for the longer wavelength.

In the digital age with an electronic viewfinder, everything is automatic. What I see in the electronic viewfinder is what the final photo looks like. Focus and exposure are accurate. It's a strange and fun view of an unseen world.