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Informing Miami Beach as to Sea Level Rise

In 2011, ECOMB, in partnership with Cinematheque and the Society of Environmental Journalists, presented its first ever South Florida Environmental Film Festival as a continuation of their Cinema Green efforts to educate the community through film. Now going into its third year, the festival features screenings of cutting edge documentaries from around the world which focus on a variety of environmental issues.

Green Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

The Miami Beach Cinematheque opened to a packed house on February 5 to many information-seekers, supporting community members and activists. Supporting organizations such as Surfrider, The Cleo Institute, ECOMB and a group of panelists, including Commissioner Grieco were at hand to welcome the attendees.

The first three shorts prepped the audience for what was to come. And of course, the embedded video in this piece is pretty much the Pièce de résistance. It will give you an overall of the information you’ll need in order to deal with the deluge that is coming. And of course, it wasn’t just a night at the movies; it was also a networking event.

Shortly after the cocktail reception followed a short called ‘South Florida's Rising Seas’ and a panel of experts to answer questions.

If you missed it, there’s still another screening on the same subject coming up. I strongly urge all who would aid and help our community to be at the next screening.

The next viewing will be held March 5 at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. You can learn more at the ECOMB website.

The Next Film: ‘Shored Up’
Directed by: Ben Kalina 2013 | 84 min

‘Shored Up is the story of our coasts where life on the edge of a rising sea has placed our towns and cities on the front lines of climate change. Following frustrated scientists, confused politicians and level-headed surfers, Shored Up follows the conflicts that are erupting from New Jersey to North Carolina as the ocean rises and we challenge nature to an un-winnable duel.’

If there was only one message that hit home at this event on February 5, it was that no matter your professional discipline, we all need to come together to find solutions for our respective communities in order to deal with impending Sea Rise. Stay dry guys and gals.

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