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Information on tomorrow's primary election- GET OUT AND VOTE

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Tomorrow is the primary election. While there are decisions to be made about Senators, Secretary of State, Attorney General and State Auditors, most of us think of this election as the one that determines our next Governor.

As always, commercials on television seem to contain nothing but character assaults and trash talk about the candidates running, giving us very little information about the issues.

The following is a list of candidates for Governor, as well as the issues that they themselves have identified to be important from their websites. Much of the following is direct quotes from the websites, in the hopes that it will help voters to hone in on the specific issues they find important.

The first candidate listed is Independent Hannah Nicollet. Nicollet has always been an Independent, and after graduating from high school she volunteered for Ross Perot’s presidential campaign. Nicollet lists her primary issues of concern as being Criminal Justice and Education.

With regard to criminal justice, Nicollet says that it’s time to stop focusing on victimless crimes, instead jailing criminals who rob, rape and murder. She says that prisons should focus on rehabilitation versus punishment.

She wants to restore local control to our schools, rather than letting decisions be made by the federal government.

Food Freedom is one issue that Nicollet focuses on which other candidates have ignored. On Nicollet’s website, she advocates labeling of GMOs and says that she hopes to “end Minnesota Department of Health raids on farmers who wish to produce natural food.”

For more information on Nicollet, see her website-

On the Republican side, the first candidate listed is Kurt Zellers. Zellers’s website promotes recent news stories that identify him as the candidate with the highest popularity from the National Rifle Association, (NRA,) as well as a story that says he is open to raising sales tax and that he wants to pursue coal and nuclear power as energy sources.

Zellers has fought the unionization of Personal Care Attendants, (PCAs,) and has signed a pledge not to raise income taxes on Minnesotans. For more information about Kurt Zellers, see his website-

The second Republican listed is Merrill Anderson. Anderson served in the armed forces and his website identifies him as the Veteran’s Party of America’s choice for Governor.

Anderson founded a non-profit social service called “Reach-Out” that aimed to serve families in crisis. According to Anderson’s website, Reach Out served families by providing direct employment, crisis intervention, counseling, job training, housing and donations for personal needs.

Anderson is concerned that we continue to funnel money into “The war on Drugs,” yet drug use continues to soar. Some of the other issues that Anderson lists as his concerns are ageism and border security.
For more information, see Anderson’s website at-

The third Republican listed is Jeff Johnson. Johnson’s website says that in the six years that Johnson has served in the house, he has passed more conservative bills than any other legislator. These bills focused on issues such as: limiting the power of the government to take private property through eminent domain, making it easier for teachers to remove disruptive children from their classrooms, cutting the Minnesota capital gains tax rate, prohibiting children under age 17 from renting or buying violent or pornographic video games, limiting legislative sessions to every other year, and combating the methamphetamine epidemic.

Johnson lists his primary issues as Taxes, Education and Healthcare. He says Minnesota taxes are too high, Education should be in the hands of the parents rather than the government, and Obamacare should be overturned.
For more information about Johnson, see his website-

The fourth Republican is Scott Honour. Honour calls himself a “business-man and a non-politician.” He says that his philosophy centers around “lower taxes, reduced spending, ending MNsure, eliminating teacher tenure, favoring buses over light rail, and calling on President Obama to not send unaccompanied illegal immigrant children to Minnesota.”

Today Honour hosted an event at Oasis Café in Stillwater to discuss “government’s effect on small business, jobs, and the economy.”
For more information on Honour, see his website-

The last Republican listed is Marty Seifert. Seifert says that in his time as a legislator, he “led initiatives to reform welfare, rein in spending, and streamline government services.” Seifert has posted a letter from a constituent that praises him for helping to represent rural Minnesotans, rather than just the metro area. Like most Republicans, Seifert calls for smaller government and lower taxes, but also identifies himself as Pro-Life and a proponent of the Second Amendment.

For more information on Seifert, see his website-

On the Democratic side, there is the incumbent, Mark Dayton. Dayton’s website includes recent news stories as well as a blog from the Governor. One of the issues that put him in the news most recently was the “un-session.” Dayton used this time to “eliminate old and outdated rules, and undo anything else that makes state government nearly impossible for people to understand.” For more information about Dayton see his website-

The second Democratic choice is Bill Dahn. Dahn’s name is listed multiple times on the internet for previous campaigns, including running for Attorney General. However, there is no current website for his campaign for Governor.
The last Democrat listed is Leslie Davis. Davis has a huge gold dollar sign on his site, and talks about something he calls “The Money Plan.” According to Davis, the Money Plan is a “concept to build and maintain all our roads and bridges without debt,” and it will “end the vehicle fuel, axle, and sales taxes and people will have more money.” Davis does not explain what the Money Plan entails. Davis also says that he wants to “Legalize Cannabis for economic development,” and “Free the brothers, release non-violent drug prisoners.” No, seriously, see for yourself at-

To find your polling place and get a sample ballot, go to the following link-

Now- Get Out and Vote!!!!!

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