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Joanne DeHerrera

Communication is vital for leaders and managers, because now-a-days if one is lucky enough to have a stable fulltime or a stable part time job; great, but if not; keep looking. Many places are not hiring and it looks as if the economy is still on the decline. One just has to do a search in his/her browser, (Job Cuts), and daily one will see another company either folding, or cutting jobs. Dailyjobcuts is a great resource for this; not only do they show layoffs, bankruptcies, and closures, they also show who is hiring. You can find their website here;
The people who are working will not give up their jobs, and rightfully so, however if one or more positions are open and one gains employment; the leader or manager must consider communication as they key element for economic growth, and communication concerning the newer employee.
On the business level some firms and companies suffer because insufficient research was not done, or the leader was not aware that researching should be a primary component of leadership. A contemporary leader must always be in research mode, and by doing constant research; the leader might be surprised concerning the information, and where it comes from. Information can come in many forms. Information can come from a neighbor, a community town-hall-meeting, (internet social groups), and just by browsing certain key words. The important issue is to always be in the present and looking toward the future. A leader/director must always listen to his/her subordinates. The leader should always be open to any and all suggestions from those who work for the business. Most leaders and managers are older, and do not comprehend this model of business; that’s why it is important to stay up to date with all social-media as much as he/she can, and always listen to the employee; whether a newer employee of one that has been there for years.
If one is an employee or a manager and has been at the company for many years; remember to never underestimate a younger or newer employee; as the leader/director did hire him or her for a reason. One never knows when the next great idea will come from; and since most people in the leadership positions are doing most of the talking; perhaps he/she should be still and listen for a few weeks; might hear something that just might save ones business.