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Infographic on some amazing facts about the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is over now and one of the most deserving teams have won. There are so many amazing facts about this awesome game. Here are some amazing facts about the FIFA World Cup and an infographic to check out by Smart Infographics.

This amazing technology is being used for the first time in this game. It works by having seven cameras which watch every single goal. The referee actually feels a vibration when the match ball crosses the goal line. Then the word Goal appears on a special watch he wears in his wrist.

More Security

Not only is there 15,000 troops and police as well as 20,000 security guards but they now also have military robots called PackBots that are also manning the stadium. These robots were purchased by the Brazilian government for $7.2 million especially for the FIFA World Cup. They were bought off of iRobot.

The Football Camera

The football they are using in the game, for the first time ever, has six 360 degree built-in cameras on it. This makes it easier for a 360 degree watch of the event.

Most Expensive World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the most expensive one yet with over $14 billion used for it.

Fastest Goal

The fastest goal in the FIFA World Cup consists of 8.11 seconds for the opening goal.

Most Goals Scored

The most goals scored come from a player on Germany’s side which was made by Miroslau Klose who scored 16 goals. The second person who scored the most goals is Ronaldo who represents Brazil with 15 goals.

Check out the infographic by Smart Infographics for even more amazing FIFA World Cup facts as well as personal records from different players on both teams.

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