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Infographic about the most unusual data centers in the world

The world's most unusual data centers
The world's most unusual data centers
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Many of us take advantage of many different things in the world today. This is especially true about technology and what it has to offer us. We are so used to having the Internet at our fingertips everywhere we go these days that we don’t think about or even thank those who bring it to us. Here is an infographic about the World’s Most Unusual Data Centers.

What is the World’s Most Unusual Data Center? It is actually a data center made out of a bunker in the mountains of Sweden. Hosting provider Bahnhof gave life to it. It started out as a military bunker which was transformed into a data center back in 2007. Those who pass through the doors of this most unusual data center will find themselves walking under 100 feet of solid hard rock. It also has futuristic flourishes such as underground waterfalls, fake daylight, and the backup system is powered by old submarine engines. This most unusual data center is the center who hosts wikileaks.

Those who don’t need a data center in the mountains can use Elliptical Mobile Solutions for their data center. EMS or Elliptical Mobile Solutions provides portable data centers that can be setup and used just about anywhere. With as much power as these data centers transmit, they can be used for military and even disaster recovery.

Although these data centers are in unusual places and some are very portable, they still use a lot of energy and resources for their power. However, this is not the case for yet another data center in Frankfurt, Germany called Citi Data Center that is very eco-friendly in its energy use. It uses recycled materials, passive cooling, and incorporates water recovery which makes it very eco-friendly.

With technology advancing every day, global data centers around the world will look to all three of the data centers above as an example of the way they should be doing things themselves.