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Info 101: What methods can I use to keep my hair moisturized in the summer?

Hair Moisturized Using L.O.C. Method
Hair Moisturized Using L.O.C. Method
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During the summer months if you find that no matter what you do to your hair it seems to always feel dry you should try the L.O.C. or L.C.O. method to keep your hair moisturized.

L.O.C. is an acronym for Liquid, Oil, Cream and L.C.O. is an acronym for Liquid, Cream, Oil. Both of these methods are good to try if you are experiencing dry hair. They both require layering on products to keep your hair well moisturized.

The first step in both methods “L” is applying liquid to your hair. I find that the best liquid for my hair is water. Some apply a liquid-based moisturizing leave-in conditioner. So for those, the “L” in both methods stands for leave-in.

But either way, the first step is to wet your hair with a liquid-based product. You can either wash your hair or use a spray bottle to spritz your hair with water, leave-in conditioner or a mixture of both.

The second step in the L.O.C. method is an oil - the “O”. With this method, after you apply your liquid, you apply a light layer of oil to seal in the moisture. The last step in the L.O.C. method is the “C” - cream.

After applying oil, you apply a light layer of a creamy product to seal in moisture. The creamy product can be a butter-based cream like a curling pudding or even hair milk type product.

If you used just water as your liquid, your “C” in this step can even be a leave-in conditioner.

Now the second and third steps in the L.C.O. method are reversed. The second step is “C” – the cream, and the third step “O” is oil.

Some people find that applying the oil last acts as a sealant for both the liquid and cream, and that it keeps their hair moisturized longer. It’s best to try both methods to see which one works best for your hair.

You can experiment with products within the methods as well. For example, a styling product with a little hold like an alcohol-free gel can be used in place of the creamy product “C” in both methods depending on the type of hairstyle you are wearing.

Both methods are ideal for wash-and-go styles. They both can be done at night as overnight moisturizing treatment methods as well.

After following the steps in either method, simply cover your hair with a plastic shower cap before going to bed and in the morning just rinse your hair and style.

Likewise, both methods can both be done as monthly deep conditioning methods with braided, straight and loose styles as well.

Again, simply follow the steps in either method, and then cover your hair with a plastic shower cap either overnight or for 30 minutes, rinse and style.

No matter which method you decide to use you will notice an immediate difference in your hair. Keeping your hair well moisturized will help lessen breakage and split ends and result in length retention.

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