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Info 101: Nebraska State motorcycle laws


Another time, another place

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NE motorcycle laws

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  • Nebraska Dept of Motor Vehicles

Welcome back riders, time to motor north to see the children of the corn.  As a continuation of a series of articles of the motorcycle laws by state, we'll now take a look at how Nebraska fares among the mid-west plains states.

Home of the Cornhuskers and inhabited in the late 1800's though the government land grab gig, Nebraska is now primarily an agriculture and farming state.

The tree-huggers will be glad to know that Arbor Day was started in Nebraska and the National Arbor Day Foundation is still headquartered in Nebraska City with some offices also located in Lincoln.


  • Safety Helmet  - Required by law
  • State Funded Rider Ed - Available for all eligible applicants
  • Eye Protection - Not Required
  • Daytime use of headlight - Modulating headlight permitted
  • Passenger seat - Required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger footrest - Required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger age restriction - None
  • Helmet speakers - No restriction
  • Periodic Safety Inspection - Not required
  • Mirror Left(L) Right(R) - None required
  • Radar detector - No restriction
  • Turn signals - Not Required
  • Muffler - No acoustical criteria
  • Maximum Sound Level - No acoustical criteria
  • State Insurance Requirement - Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(25/50/25)
  • Handlebar Height - Maximum of 15" above fasten point
  • Rider Education Waiver - Skill & Knowledge Test
  • Acceptable motorcycle endorsements from other states - Yes
  • Accept Riders Ed completion card from other states - No
  • Motorcycles operating abreast in the same lane -Yes. 60-6308 - Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic; prohibited acts. Motorcycles shall not be operated more than two abreast in a single lane.
  • Lane Splitting60-6,308 Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic; prohibited acts (2) The operator of a motorcycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by a vehicle being overtaken. (3) No person shall operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.
  • Blood Alcohol - Over 21 .08 - Under 21 .02

Off Road

  • Safety Helmet  - Not required
  • Eye Protection - Not required
  • Minimum Operator Age - No restriction
  • Rider Education Certification - Not required
  • Operator License - Not required
  • Headlight - Required after sunset
  • Taillight - Required after sunset
  • Muffler - Required by law
  • Maximum Sound Level - No limit
  • Spark Arrestor - Required by law
  • Registration - Not required
  • Vehicle Title - Not required
  • Trails Program - Not available
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  • Mry Baker 5 years ago

    I don't remember trees in Nebraska, but I do remember having to wear a helmet. Thanks for the info.

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