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Info 101: Moviecllips 188: Seeing this film is the real walk of shame

Step right up.  This one is just as bad as "The Other Woman".
2014: Focus World: non-free use of poster to promote product with no intent to compete with or hinder copyright owner in any way.

"WALK OF SHAME" from Focus World opens Fri., May 2, 2014.

STARRING: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, Bill Burr and Tig Nothro.

DIRECTOR: Steven Brill ("Mr. Deeds", "Drillbit Taylor", "Without a Paddle")

SYNOPSIS: Elizabeth Banks stars as an aspiring reporter whose dreams of becoming a network news anchor are compromised after a one night stand with a handsome stranger (Marsden) leaves her stranded in downtown L.A. without a car, phone, ID or money--and only eight hours to make it to the most important interview of her life.

Yes...well...the fact that this is old hat and not funny shouldn't discourage all the brave hearts who made "The Other Woman" the number one movie of last week. This film is even more horrible with a lead actress who's way hotter than Cameron Diaz or Kate Upton. There's no accounting for taste and this film has none so it'll likely do fairly well...or not. The other film being released this weekend is "The Amazing Spiderman 2".

Obviously, Ms. Banks is beyond cute and she's shown a lot of talent in a wide variety of films. Ironically enough, she portrayed Betty Brant in all three Spider-man films starring Tobey Maguire. This film appears to be something to do between chapters of "The Hunger Games". But--who knows? Perhaps she'll be up for an Oscar next March. Ya think?

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