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The Terminator is coming across time to recover his career.
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"INDIANA JONES": Since Disney Films bought the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, producer Frank Marshall (a biggy in the Spielberg camp) has 'hinted' that there will be a fifth film. Harrison Ford has said he'd enjoy doing a fifth film and that he's not too old to carry it. But now the newest rumor is that it might not be Ford's decision to make because Disney might be seeking to reboot the series to become more like the Bond films with a new actor taking over the lead as the old one steps aside. To top it off, it might be Bradley Cooper as Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford.

That's not as sacrilegious as it sounds. Ford still looks good but his age is showing beyond what makeup can cover. The longer it takes to develop a story and a screenplay, do the storyboards and all the other pre-production work (including casting), the more Ford will age. It makes much more sense to pass the reins to a younger man who can do more dangerous and exciting stunts. Deep down, Mr. Ford knows that his age will cost him this job. It's just the reality of life. It's not his fault and it doesn't erase his contribution to the franchise. It's just time to move on.

This is all still just a rumor and it's being denied by all the right people. In Hollywood, that usually means it's all true and a lot of it will happen no matter what. Here's more reality to be dealt with. Hollywood movies lately have, for the most part, sucked--big time. They cost too much to see and deliver too little to make it worth the money. Disney is not going to make much money with a geriatric Indiana Jones chasing adventure in a wheelchair. Ford's run as Han Solo could be nearing an end as well. Stay tuned to see how the hard realities are dealt with.


"TERMINATOR: GENESIS": Speaking of aging badly, Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually returning to the franchise as a Terminator unit, his famous T-800. "The way it's written," he told MTV, "it's a metal skeleton. Above that is human flesh...and the Terminator's flesh ages, just like any other human being's flesh. Maybe not as fast but it definitely ages." That's how they're explaining his presence in the same role he originated way back in the early 1980s. Science fiction allows plenty of room for such gimmicks to work.

That's about all anyone is saying about the film which goes into production next month. Arnold is back where his career took off and, given his recent films, this would seem to be a make-it-or-break-it situation. This franchise is nearly dead and should be allowed to rest in peace but it seems Arnie needs this to re-establish himself. He's right but this has to be so spectacular that it re-energizes the wonder and excitement of the first two films. Without James Cameron, no less. Many believe this to be mission impossible but still...the curiosity is piqued. Stay tuned for more life lessons in the future of somebody's past.

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