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A bio-pic to make you think.
A bio-pic to make you think.
2014: Lionsgate: non-free use of poster to promote product with no intent to compete with or hinder copyright owner in any way.

"CESAR CHAVEZ: AN AMERICAN HERO" from Lionsgate opens Fri., March 28, 2014.

STARS: Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson and John Malkovich.

DIRECTOR: Diego Luna ("Abel").

SYNOPSIS: Michael Pena leads the film as 1960s/1970s labor activist Cesar E. Chavez as he organizes the largest non-violent protest in U.S. history to get basic human rights for over 50,000 farm workers in California.

This bio-pic outlines the thoughts and actions of a Mexican-American leader who fought for equal rights during a difficult time. Many people believe his efforts to be heroic--others openly question the stories of his efforts. Either way, this is his story which will be viewed subjectively depending on how much any given individual cares.