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Cutesy date movie, little more.
2013: Warner Brothers: non-free use of poster to promote product with no intent to compete with or hinder copyright owner in any way.

"HER" from Warner Brothers expands wide on Fri., Jan. 10, 2014.

STARRING: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Spike Jonze ("Being John Malkovich", "Where the Wild Things Are").

SYNOPSIS: Set in L.A., slightly in the future, "Her" follows Theodore Twombly (Phoenix), a complex soulful man who makes his living writing touching, personal letters for other people. Heartbroken at the end of a long relationship, he becomes intrigued with a new advanced operating system (artificial intelligence) which promises to be an intuitive entity in its own right, individual to each user. Upon initiating it, Twombly is delighted to meet 'Samantha'. As their needs grow in tandem, their friendship deepens into an eventual love for each other.

Wow! Talk about women issues. No one gets that any clearer than this writer but please. This guy sounds completely disconnected from reality. The guy devotes himself to the voice of a giant 'Chatty Kathy'. This is being billed as a "touching and brilliant love story" but it seems to be more of a tribute to the electronic age of social interaction via cyberspace where people don't actually have to meet to be "friends".

Then there's the matter of this dude being able to afford his jazzy pad by writing touching personal letters for other people. Where are the applications? That's got to be one lucrative profession given the prices in L.A., even slightly into the future.

This would seem to be little more than a cute date movie but this is also the kind of vacuous nonsense that sometimes wins Oscars. Since the Oscar ceremony is NOT a popularity contest and ALWAYS is centered on its sense of fair play and never EVER excludes anyone who might be deserving, we can accept its authenticity with blind faith. It's already gotten three Golden Globe nominations so...we may not have heard the last of "Her". Well, you may not have...

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