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Influx of Central American illegal immigrants in the US is no accident

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For the past few weeks, the U.S. has seen an influx of women and children illegally cross their borders. Many of them running away from poverty and violence in their respective Central American nations. This situation is not new.

Central America has been riddled with violence and poverty for decades. Nothing drastic has happened in Central America within the past few months that would have forced a flood of residents away from their respective homelands. However, with the promise of immigration reform by President Obama, many have been swayed to come to the United States.

Many analysts are wary that the current White House administration knew nothing about the arrival of so many immigrants. Albeit many reports over the last few months of trains overturning and hundreds of Central American immigrants killed on "La Bestia" in Mexico earlier this year, the Obama administration claims to have been taken by surprise. Or were they?

President Obama did promise to act on his famed immigration reform with or without the support of Congress. Some wonder whether this influx is a tactic by the administration in order to maneuver and force the deadlock-driven Congress to act upon immigration reform. Was this what the president meant?

What the White House administration may not have considered was that their strategy would somehow get too hard to handle, even for them. In the mists of it all, the American people would not stand by quietly.

In Murrieta, California, where a bus load of immigrants were set to arrive, many Americans were on hand protesting and blocking buses from entering their city. And it worked, if only briefly.

Americans have the right to protest and prohibit buses full of illegal immigrants from entering their towns. Since the influx began a few months ago, the federal government has authorized planes to fly non-processed immigrants to other U.S. states using taxpayer money. Many argue that those same plane rides could be used to deport them back to their country of origin.

Now the Obama administration is asking for $3.5 billion dollars to deal with this crisis that many believe was caused by this president to begin with. One only has to wonder what CIA agents have been doing in Latin America long after rebels and dictators were overthrown.

Whether its gathering intelligence information or meddling in other governments' affairs, a CIA agent's job is to mingle among the people. And some have speculated that spreading rumors, whether real or not, is among them. Some may be in the interests of the U.S. government, foreign governments or business investors. This strategy is especially powerful when the people are reluctant to be swayed.

In poverty-stricken countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which is where the majority of woman and children coming to the United States are from, it doesn't take much to convince them that the US is opening their borders to them. And one false or purposeful rumor is all they need to leave everything behind, cross several borders and attempt to pursue the so-called American dream.

Congress is seeking to set conditions with the president's proposed billion dollar immigration package, such as securing and sealing the borders. Many citizens agree that sealing the border is a necessity and conditions should be set, as it is taxpayers who will be paying the bill.