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Influenza is at its peak: Public health official’s report of two new deaths

The influenza virus is at its peak between the months of January and April and the numbers of confirmed cases is on the rise. With numbers of hospitalizations increasing health officials are recommending that everyone who is six months old or older be vaccinated against the flu.

Two more lives have been taken by the influenza pandemic flu!

According to news reports on Jan. 10 by The Sacramento Bee and Newsmagazine different areas are affected with different strains. St. Louis and its surrounding areas have seen Type A influenza and the H1N1 strain of the virus also referred to as swine flu resulting in 849 reported cases. In the town of Ypsilanti in Washtenaw County, Michigan officials have reported that two people have died from influenza. Last year Michigan reported 199 hospitalizations and eight deaths stemming from influenza.

Influenza reports state that people between the ages of twenty-five and forty-nine are at the highest risk. Being able to identify the signs of swine flu early on will help prevent debilitating symptoms from setting in. Some symptoms are headaches, dry coughs, high fevers and severe body aches. People who are currently under a physicians care for cancer, diabetes, lung disease or have other serious medical conditions are at a higher risk for contracting the influenza virus and they need to be treated within the first forty-eight hours.

Do everything you can to help prevent the spreading of this flu virus and protect yourself if you have contact or are a care giver for another who has the virus. Try to avoid those infected if possible and when you are within close proximity use hand sanitizers and a mask over your mouth and nose to reduce catching the virus that can be spread by airborne particles as well as touching or close contact.

If you show signs of influenza seek medical attention immediately!

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