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Influenza increases risk of complications: Pregnant woman loses baby

Influenza has been running rampant throughout the United States and Dallas, Texas didn’t escape the spreading of this pandemic virus. The Centers for Disease Control can’t stress enough to citizens in all states that the flu vaccine is vital.

Influenza causes serious complications in pregnant women!

According to WFAA 8 ABC on Jan. 13 Hailey Sparks was hospitalized for influenza. Her symptoms flamed causing her to contract pneumonia. She had much difficulty breathing and had to undergo an emergency Cesarean section at twenty-five week along.

Hailey’s husband received a call from his wife’s physician stating her condition was worsening and if a c-section wasn’t done immediately there was a chance that he could lose both his wife and child. It was a tough decision to make but he agreed and prayed for the best for both his wife and unborn child.

The child was born Evrain Joe and only survived five days. The hospital made ink prints of the baby’s hand and footprints for the couple. Hailey Sparks fell into a medically-induced coma that lasted three weeks. She never got to see her baby after he was born. All she has to remember him by is the paper with his tiny prints on it.

Both parents were in denial and didn’t think they would catch any strain of the virus. They were wrong and the flu hit Hailey hard. She is still in the hospital, has a trachea tube attached, can only speak in a low whisper and will require rehabilitation to recover fully.

Those who survive the flu have a hard time dealing with it, Hailey isn’t that lucky. It will take a lifetime to recover from the devastating consequences the flu had over her. She wants everyone to think twice and then opt for the flu vaccine. It is worth it to be inoculated against this deadly virus.

Condolences to the Sparks family!

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