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Influenza epidemic closes senior care facility admissions

Flu protection measures
Flu protection measures
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Influenza has prompted the local facility of a multi-state health care company to close the doors to new admissions and visitors this week. Avalaon Care Center in Sonora has been reported as having an epidemic of flu going through the facility since last week. As of Wednesday and reported today, March 8, 2014, at MML, the facility Day Manager, Jane Powell is quoted as saying:

"We have a flu epidemic going through the building so we don't have visitors coming in and we can't admit people right now."

Powell reports that of 196 current patients, more than 50 of them have the flu right now. Before the facility will consider reopening admissions and allow visitors again, the facility managers are looking toward a 48 hour period of no new flu cases occurring. The hope is to be open again by Tuesday of next week, however no guarantees have been made by management.

While the County Health department has made a recommendation to remain closed until the new cases of infection have stopped, the decision on when to reopen still resides with the corporation.