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Influencing children/grandchildren for Jesus Christ

My mom looked at me and said, "I am sorry you ever went to university." I knew her objection was not really to higher education, but it was because I showed no interest in living for Jesus Christ. I also had no interest in participating in such a discussion, so I said nothing. Nor did I feel guilt of any sort, at the time. I loved my parents but I saw no ties between us spiritually at all.

I was wrong. The Holy Spirit who came to dwell with me at age 9 was dormant for many years. Only after car wrecks did I begin to think about the meaning of life, and what God wanted me to be and to do. I know my parents kept praying for me to live for Jesus Christ. I also now know that James 5.16 promises that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective.

If we have children or grandchildren or nephews and nieces, we can be certain that they will not always care what Jesus wants for them. They may or may not have ever cared, but even if they are supernaturally converted, they will veer out of the will of God from minutes at a time to decades at a time. It is very painful to then see huge spiritual barriers go up between us, and just shallow materialistic conversations take place.

When that happens, pray through until we know that we personally walk humbly with Jesus Christ, and really do care what he wants us to be and to do. Pray that we repent of all sins, and have his attitudes towards our children, and everyone else. Perhaps more years away from God will better fit them for his work once they do return to follow Jesus, or they do that for the first time. I know that has been true in my case.

We cannot manipulate the will of another person, nor should we try to do so. We can only will to follow Jesus ourselves. Since I have lived it, I value highly the black spiritual called " You got to move."

"He stayed in the fish, he stayed for days. He didn't eat but he sure did pray. And when The Lord got ready, old Jonah moved. You got to move,you got to move. You got to move, you got to move. When The Lord gets ready, you got to move. You may be high, or you may be low,you may be rich or you may be poor, but when The Lord gets ready, you got to move. Amen. Pray to trust that when we are right with God, and then we pray that our loved ones also walk with him.

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