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"Influenced" Skateboarding Art show at Gallery 788 January 10.2013 7PM to 11PM

Simon Chapman getting a kiss from Brook Sheldon at Charmcity Skatepark and Gallery 788's Influenced Skateboarding Art Show
Simon Chapman getting a kiss from Brook Sheldon at Charmcity Skatepark and Gallery 788's Influenced Skateboarding Art Show
Photos by Jason Chapman

On January 10.2013 the Charmcity Skatepark and Eduarto Rodriguez came together to host the first annual "Influenced" art show. The show was hosted at Eduarto's Gallery 788 located at 218 West Saratoga Street in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Influence's concept was to examine and present skateboarding's influence on all types of artwork. from street art, painting and photography. Skateboarding being an art form in itself made for a very interesting display of how skating permeated itself into the creative mind of every featured artist. Not only was skateboarding a common denominator for almost everyone who had art featured but you could really tell how the simple act of skateboarding had changed they're way of thinking. For example if you do not skate and you see a three stair, you see a three stair set of steps! But if you skate you see a set of steps you could ollie down or up or potentially slide or grind the top. You start to look at everything like this and it's only natural that this thought pattern would make it's way into your art!

The Influenced Art/Skate show at G788 in downtown Baltimore presented by the Charmcity Skatepark
Flyer provided by the Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore, Maryland

Charmcity owner Jason Chapman and team rider Bart Tararuj contacted Red Bull's Alex Setoodu and she was down to help.She brought the Red Bull mini-ramp out to the Gallery this really livened up the event helping to make it Gallery 788's most successful event to date.

There were several uber pros such as street legend Kris Markovich and vert legend Matt Dove who had art in the show which added to the hype of the Influenced show. The unofficial winner of most unique display goes to....Rex Singleton forthe way he displayed his stark portraits of the legendary pros from the 1980's followed closely by Aubrey Chapman with her graphic griptape frames on her picture in picture in picture photographs. Other noteworthy pieces were Stefan Ways amazing character actually painted on the dry wall at G788 and Bartosz Tararuj's painting of the recently diseased Luke Rice was heart stopper for anyone who knew Luke. Bartosz's painting of Luke will be on permanent display at the Charmcity Skatepark soon. Everyone who participated brought something original and amazing to the show. Here is the list of participants:

  • Danny Kuzen
  • Bill Mode
  • Butchie Mears
  • Jason Chapman
  • Geoff Graham
  • Bartosz Tararuj
  • Rex Singleton
  • Chris Marisco
  • Stephanie Murdock
  • Kris Markovich
  • Stefan Ways
  • Toven
  • Sorta
  • Nick Denny
  • Marc Edmond
  • Joshua Hawkins
  • James Munk
  • Beth Amber
  • Mark Wagner
  • Andrew Kat
  • Benji Ross
  • Kara Ellis
  • Billy Mitchell
  • Josh Cochran
  • Susan Carlson
  • Matt Dove
  • Craig Mahue
  • Aubrey Chapman
  • Geoff Erhard
  • Jenna Boyles
  • Paul Mintz
  • Salvatore Cerceo
  • Pablo Machioli
  • Joe Herbick
  • Stephanie Karn Scordo
  • Adam Quinn Estes
  • Matthew Carignan
  • Courtney Barnard
  • David Scheper
  • Rich Moorhead
  • Benjamin Joseph Jancewicz
  • Pyramid Skateboards
  • Katherine Nonemaker
  • Benjamin Gartrell III

The live music was unexpected at an art show but really helped keep the upbeat pace of the event going. Bands who came to play where The Vicars of Dickroy and Albi Bennett, Michele and Ryan Lamont's band The Hard Dads and Me and This Army. All worth a listen if you get the chance. In between the bands shredding Baltimore's leading event D.J., D.J. Remedy spun the records and kept everyone's mini ramp ripping on beat!

The event was sponsored in part by :COORS, Natty Boh, Pyramid Skateboards, Red Bull, Blue Moon, Green Trucks and the title sponsor was the Charmcity Skatepark

"Geoff, Derek,Scrod-neck,Shep-dog,E.B.,S.G(aka, throw up in a cup)..what else can you say?...oh yeah, by the way, Joe Joe is NOT dead and neither is the Baltimore skateboard scene/great artwork created by great skateboarders" - Matt Dove Professional Skateboarder / Contributing Artist

"" - Eduarto Rodriguez Director at Gallery 788

"One of the most appreciated shows at G788, ever!" - Bart Tararuj Contributing Artist / Event Coordinator

"I got raped on my commission and almost raped by a rufie!" - Aubrey Chapman Contributing Artist

"IT WAS AWESOME!" - Cody Seekford North Point, Maryland

"Most amazing event I have ever been to!" - Nick"Big Lots" Keene Canton, Maryland

"Two forms of art, creative art on wheels. Great time." - Austin Lawson Dundalk, Maryland

"Steel Reserve, Mother F$*#er!"- Sean Green Baltimore City, Maryland

"Every party should have a mini-ramp!" - Billy Mode Contributing Artist


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