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Inflammation: Causes and Prevention

It’s no secret that inflammation isn’t a good thing but recent studies have linked it to arthritis, depression, high blood pressure and diabetes. Others studies indicate a link between inflammation and disorders like ADD and ADHD. Read on to discover the cause of inflammation and how you can prevent it.

The main cause of inflammation is poor diet and the culprits of this imbalance in the body are familiar ones. Sugar is fine in moderation but toxic in large amounts. The problem is our bodies are designed to crave sugar. It turns on the pleasure senses in our brain which makes it super addictive. The more you eat the more you want. To avoid over doing it try sticking to one serving of the sweet variety per day, and that includes sodas and diet items that contain artificial sweeteners which can induce unmerited hunger.

White flour is another ingredient that has saturated American meals. From pastries to pasta there’s just too much of it in the average diet. White flour is found in just about any baked or fried item and can cause blood sugar spikes that leave you deflated and hungry not long after you’ve eaten and it’s a major source of inflammation.

We all realize that Trans fat is no good these days. Not only is it directly linked to inflammation it also can cause free radicals in the body that may lead to cancer and other disease. Trans fat is also a sneaky ingredient that can be hidden in all kinds of products aka; hydrogenated oils. Be diligent about removing Trans fat from your diet.

Omega 6 is usually found in oils such as vegetable, peanut and soybean. While Omega 6 coupled with the other Omega oils is fine the modern diet is completely off kilter causing an over load of Omega 6 and barely any Omega 3. Everything from fried foods to pre packaged sauces contains some form of these oils. Reading labels and cutting back or better yet cutting out fried and fast food altogether is the best way to avoid this inflammation pitfall.

Stress and sedentary lifestyle have also been studied as a cause of inflammation. It makes sense when you consider that our bodies were made to move. Today we move less and stress more. Exercise is not only a great stress reliever; it is also one of the key ingredients to a disease free life. Moderate exercise just three times a week has been shown to improve health, reduce inflammation and lessen the chance of disease.

Beyond the required dietary changes and not smoking you can further prevent inflammation by following a low glycemic diet and adding Omega 3 to your vitamin routine. Some dieticians recommend a daily dose of DHA in the amount of 750 milligrams. Omega 3 can also be found in foods like walnuts and wild salmon.

Inflammation can quickly lead to serious disease but it can also easily be prevented by taking a proactive step in knowing what you and your family are consuming. Though it may mean limiting or even eliminating certain foods it could also mean the elimination of medical bills in the future and that’s well worth the effort.


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