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Infinity Ward takes action against glitchers


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Cheating is nothing new in the Call of Duty community.  Whether it be via bugs in code or modded controllers granting superhuman fire rates, online players have long felt the sting of unfairness.  Having already taken steps against the Javelin/kamikaze glitch, Infinity Ward has taken another step to help combat cheaters. 

The upcoming patch has been approved for PS3 play and is currently awaiting Microsoft certification.  The patch addresses multiple issues and complaints including; care package sprinting speed normalized, infinite care package and emergency air drops, extra model 1887 range via Akimbo and Fmj exploit, and nerfing of various xp hacks .

Infinity Ward has a running history in dealing with cheaters.  They have teamed up with Microsoft to help fight past attempts of users taking advantage of the javelin glitch, handing out temporary bans and account bans for repeat offenders.

For more information regarding the Xbox 360s patch follow along at the IW forums as progress develops.


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