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Infiltrating Digital Media

The modern day entertainment industry is vastly being taken over by online entertainment ventures making Hollywood vastly an irrelevant aspect of the modern entertainment industry, this is what entertainment pioneers Urban Digital Media are in the process of doing. During the 2008 Presidential elections, a couple Grad School Students founded Urban Digital Media; they felt as if there were no credible news front catered towards the hip-hop community. This resulted in the development of Urban Digital Media in 2011 as an attempt to develop a stronger relationship within the hip-hop community with the launch of the new blog site Urban Digital Media (UDM) is more than a blog orientated around urban and hip-hop elements of culture and lifestyle; it is also a multi faceted self-produced production collective, and content development firm. UDM has also developed an independent record label branch in a effort to give independent artists the opportunity to be signed to a label that will aid in the distribution and promotion of their material. UDM is always looking to evolve into new aspects of their business such as their next phase currently in development, UDM Films. UDM Films will be a showcase of new & upcoming directors and videographers dedicated to the development of new video medium. Urban Digital Media are the ones to watch as they evolve and develop various ventures that will change the way business is currently carried out within entertainment industry by highlighting the smaller independent artists and entertainers of our time.


Urban Digital Media is the brainchild of Vaughn Holloway who, after noticing no credible news front catered to the hip-hop community during the 2008 Presidential Election, he decided he wanted to do something “The music that shaped me as a individual was becoming a parody of itself, the essence of what hip hop was starting to evaporate”. was launched 2011 in attempt to develop a relationship with the hip-hop community, and start the process of a 3 point initiative. “We wanted to say Hi guys, we’re over here, with so many other “blogs’ tearing down and attacking celebs we wanted to show the other side of the experience.” was just a first step. “I hit up a few college friends, guys I knew we’re just as anal as I was about this culture, we were all uber hip hop heads, and I said hey, we know this music, we know this culture, we all live this life, let’s contribute to that which got us here, Hip-Hop”?

Urban Digital Media is more than just a blog; it’s actually a multi faceted self-produced media, app & software development firm. “We see the web as the last frontier, with out giving to much away we see the future and feel we can play a part in it”. Urban Digital Media, or UDM embarked on the 2nd phase of it’s initiative UDM Group, the record label aspect of the Brand. “We started UDM Group to give artists we felt were dope but couldn’t get signed, we’re being ignored, or just didn’t have the means. We don’t 360, we tailor make each situation to the artist. We do what we can with what we have, if nothing more a professional single and video that the can use to further they’re careers”. The next phase of Operation Urban Dig: UDM Films a division of up and coming Directors and videographer’s dedicated to developing and producing new sitcoms, movies, and shows. The Entertainment Industry is at a cross roads, the music industry business model is broken, Hollywood is a more interested in re-hashing old material every so many years than being creative, Godzilla anyone??? New Brands need to be developed and cultivated to provide new streams of revenue, advertising dollars, merchandising, tv shows, movies, technologies, Urban Digital Media wants to provide that, and will.

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