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Infatuation vs. love

Infatuation vs. Love
Infatuation vs. Love

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between love and infatuation. Sometimes I don't even know the difference because you can get way too caught up in the relationship. Basically infatuation is about thinking the person that you are dating is perfect in every way. They can seem like your ideal dream guy or girl.

Unfortunately, that idea doesn't exist. Many idealists want it to though. I've had boyfriends in my past that told me I was perfect at the beginning - the key words being "at the beginning" and then I lost my perfect self. I used to get so upset thinking it had something to do with me and then I realized that nobody's perfect and that is a fantasy that nobody can live up to. Then I got mad at those boyfriends who tried to make me their "perfect ideal" again. They didn't know any better and neither did I.

I would go around looking for the perfect guy, dumping people who didn't live up to my standards physically, financially, or whatever else that was on my list. Then I found out true love isn't about all of those superficial things. Granted you don't want to date someone who you aren't attracted to or who is totally broke, but that doesn't mean you should outcast all the ones in between.


Infatuation is about your physical attraction to others based on material and superficial things. Their looks, social status, or bank account play into this category. You lust after what they have or how they look or who they are on the outside more than what's on the inside. Other physical signs of infatuation are an obsession with the person and having anxious thoughts about them. In your mind though they can seem almost attainable or perfect. Remember nobody is perfect so when your bubble bursts don't be surprised. Infatuation a lot of times is also based on one person in the relationship being more into the person than the other. The relationship never seems real.


Love on the other hand is pure. It's based on accepting the person for all of their flaws and imperfections and loving them regardless. It's about communication, understanding, and loving their inner beauty instead of their outer beauty cause face it we will all get old one day and won't look the same way we did in our twenties or thirties.

Infatuation can grow into love over time. We all are infatuated with the person we are dating at the beginning in one level or another. You gain love through time, understanding, acceptance, and hard work. Love is gained through being there for the person through rough times and in good times. You can't find love if you bail out on them when things get tough. If that happens you know that was only infatuation. I hope all of you eventually find your true love.


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