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Infanticide? (Video)

This examiner’s recent coverage of pro-life issues here on the First Coast have put me in touch with many local groups such as Family For Life, Rachel’s Vineyard, First Coast Women’s Services and others. It also puts me on the receiving end of some horrific news.

the blogprof:

A few years back, an anecdotal story about an aborted baby who survived the procedure being left in a storage room to die while the nurses went on their duties came to my attention. I had dismissed it as an urban legend, or a story that began with a true incident but got transformed into a macabre tale. Surely, this could not happen in the US; not with the moral values of our people in general, and our medical professionals specifically.

I was wrong. While writing for this examiner’s national page, I came across the attached video. While not showing any graphic images or sounds, it is probably one of the most disturbing pieces I have ever seen. In fact, I would recommend you NOT view it if you will not have time to compose yourself after seeing it.

Like many Americans, I have political views that differ from the current administration. However, I always believe in giving a chance to whomever is in office; their perspective may be needed to start and or continue progress. My view has changed for this administration. It needs to be changed as quickly as possible. I will not pray for the death or disability of our President, but I will pray that God replace him as quickly as possible; if that must wait until the next election, so be it. But until then, I will weep for our country as long as we as a people and a culture will allow this:

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  • Angel t 5 years ago

    This is a very compelling video. I feel we live in a very very sad world. How could a Mother or Father condone such? This is so very heartbreaking!!! Think of all needless lives lost. God Please protect the children!

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