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Infant ice bucket challenge? Watch lunatic drench 10-month-old with iced water

You’ve seen it by now – countless videos of the ice bucket challenge being taken by people and celebrities. But one Texas family says the challenge went too far when a grandfather filmed himself dumping a bucket of icy cold water over his head – and the head of his 10-month-old infant granddaughter.

The ALS ice bucket challenge – in which a participant dumps frigid iced-up water on their head and makes a donation to the ALS Association – has been making a huge splash on social media. But after a video was posted to Facebook showing a grandfather drenching himself over his infant granddaughter, some are saying he must be out of his mind.

“I was shocked, appalled. It brought me to tears, like I was hurt, angry. That's all I can say,” said the girl’s father Claude Dalcour. “It's abuse because my daughter is an infant. She doesn't know what's going on.”

In the video, which has since been deleted from Facebook, the unnamed grandfather is seen pouring the water over his head directly above 10-month-old Aryiah, who is looking up and gets blasted in the face with the freezing water and hit with ice cubes.

Dalcour said he took the video evidence to police. Another Facebook user who saw the video reported the matter to the Texas Department of Children and Families. News outlets have reported that officials have since conducted a welfare check, and that police are investigating. No charges have yet to be filed however.

“My family was shocked, my friends were shocked,” said Dalcour. “Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled.” Dalcour said he's separated and will soon be divorced from Aryiah’s mom. The man is the video is his soon to be ex-stepfather.

Social media users are roundly condemning the grandfather. Although the infant was not injured, do you think he should be charged? Sound off below.

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