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Infant ice bucket challenge upsets father: Says it wasn't his child to do it to

The ice bucket challenge is all over online, but now one parent is extremely upset about it being done to his child. On Saturday, New York Daily News shared about the father that is very upset that his father dumped cold water on his infant daughter. After he did it, the video went viral.

The girl’s dad, Claude Dalcour spoke out saying, "I was shocked. Everybody I know was pretty much shocked and appalled." In this video, the grandfather of his little girl dumps ice cold water on her and himself saying she is doing the challenge with him. This little girl is only 10-months-old. The father went on to say, "You don’t do that to an infant. He should know better."

This video has been removed from the grandpa's Faceobok page, but it went viral before that ever happened. The man in the video is Claude's father-in-law, but he is going through a divorce at this time. He said, "It’s a big deal. It’s not his child, it’s my child." He even notified the authorities, but it is unknown at this time what will be done.

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