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Infant found alive: Woman arrested who faked pregnancy then took Wisconsin baby

The infant baby who went missing from his Wisconsin home while his parents were sleeping was found 100 miles away in a duffle bag alive. The infant's mother's step-sister was arrested just hours after the newborn was found in frigid conditions in a storage crate outside an Iowa gas station, according to People Magazine on Feb. 7.

Kristen Smith arrested for kidnapping step-sister's baby and leaving the newborn in a duffle bag outside a gas station.
Tipton, IOWA Sheriff Department

Kristen Smith of Denver, Colorado, the step-sister of the baby's mother, was arrested after an alert Iowa police chief found the baby. The discovery of the baby was as close to a miracle as one could get because this police chief was just working on a hunch.

Brianna Marshall called 911 when she woke up at 4:30 in the morning and found her newborn son, Kayden, missing from the bassinet in the same room she was sleeping in. Police arrived but could not find any forced entry to the Wisconsin home.

Marshall said the last time the baby was seen was at about 1:30 a.m. when Smith had left the house and headed home. Police were able to contact Smith on the cell phone, who was on an Iowa highway headed home to Colorado.

She was asked to stay put and Iowa police went out to question her at the request of the Wisconsin police. While the woman had baby clothes and a car seat in the car, there was no sign of the baby. Marshall told police that she and the baby's father were planning to move to her house this is why she had the baby items in her car.

Smith was taken into custody by Iowa police for an outstanding warrant from Texas, which had nothing to do with the missing baby. Police continued questioning Smith, who denied having anything to do with the baby's disappearance.

In Smith's car was a fake pregnancy bump and police found text messages on her cell phone where Smith claimed she was pregnant. They also found that she was claiming she was pregnant on her Facebook page.

Police decided to search the area where Smith had been pulled over in Iowa on a hunch that she ditched the baby while waiting for the Iowa police to come and question her. Police Chief Mike Horihan decided to check around a BP Station that was only about 500 yards from where police met Smith on the Iowa road.

Horihan heard a baby crying and there little Kayden was, in a duffle bag swaddled in blankets. The baby was taken to a local hospital and was still in good health. The temperatures were in the single digits when the baby was found, but had dipped below zero the night before.

The B.P. Station manager had tears in his eyes, he was happy that the baby was found and hit hard by the realization that a baby was just outside his station in a duffle bag. Horihan was surprised that the baby was in such good condition with the temperatures dipping so low. This was not the outcome that he expected, he said honestly.

The baby was reunited with his parents and discharged from the Iowa hospital later in the day Friday. Smith was arrested for the kidnapping of the baby.

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