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‘inFamous: Second Son’ won’t feature user-generated content

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Unlike the second entry of their Sony-exclusive superhero franchise, inFamous: Second Son won’t allow players to create their own playable missions using an in-game content creator. In an interview posted to the official Playstation Blog on March 11, Second Son Producer Brian Fleming confirmed that the third installment in the popular series unfortunately won’t see the return of user-generated content.

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After revealing that inFamous: Second Son is a purely single-player experience and therefore doesn’t feature any form of multiplayer, Fleming also announced the lack of player-created missions with the following straightforward statement.

UGC is not a part of this title. It was part of inFAMOUS 2, but not a part of Second Son.

Another point that Fleming mentioned during the interview included the fact that new protagonist Delsin will have many unannounced power sets at his disposal. Like the teased powers of Neon and Smoke, these additional power pools will each give Delsin access to a several new upgradable abilities.

Discussing why they decided to base the game inside the real-world city of Seattle for inFamous: Second Son rather than building a fictional setting like the developer did with the first two inFamous titles, Fleming cited that jump in power provided by the Playstation 4 hardware allowed for far greater realism which provided the tools necessary to build an accurate representation of a true-life locale.

Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son launches later this month exclusively on the PS4.

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