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‘inFamous: Second Son’ will let players absorb the powers of other characters

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Players will take on the role of newcomer Delsin inside inFamous: Second Son. Unlike the protagonist of the first two inFamous games, Delsin wields new fire-based powers. However, players will be able to learn the abilities of other characters in the game so that they can also wield the power of other elements. The Official Playstation Magazine UK reported on Monday that Sucker Punch revealed that players will be able to gain additional powers while demonstrating the game at an event in China.

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Players will be able to steal the powers of certain characters inside inFamous: Second Son. So far the developer has revealed neon and smoke as examples of secondary power sets that Delsin will be able to acquire. It is unknown at this time if there will be additional elemental powers to obtain or if players will be able to learn more than one at a time.

inFamous 2 also allowed Cole to choose gain either ice or fire powers on top of his lightning-based abilities. It seems like Sucker Punch plans to expand upon this mechanic in the upcoming third installment of the inFamous franchise.

inFamous: Second Son launches exclusively on the PS4 on Mar 21.

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