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‘inFamous: Second Son’ trophy data will help shape future games in the series

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Like previous entries in the series, inFamous: Second Son will feature branching storylines resulting in separate narratives depending on in-game moral choices. Speaking to VG247 on Jan 6, game director Nate Fox revealed that the developer will shape the story of the next game based upon the most popular choices that players make while playing through inFamous: Second Son. To do this, Sucker Punch will look at trophy data and modify the story of future installments according to the most often chosen player decisions.

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Fox confirmed that the developer’s goal was to create two very different experiences depending on whether players want to be good or evil. Furthermore, the team wanted to make sure it was obvious which side of the moral dilemma each in-game decision resided. Sucker Punch took caution to make sure that these choices weren’t vague or neutral. As such, Fox stated, “we try and make it pretty clear when you’ve done something evil.”

Not only will the story of inFamous: Second Son change depending on a player’s moral attunement, but the very powers which they wield in game will also evolve based of their decisions. In fact, the entire series future will be decided by player’s in-game choices in the same fashion that the narrative of inFamous: Second Son was driven by trophy data collected from the ending of inFamous 2.

inFamous: Second Son will release as a Playstation 4 exclusive later this year.

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