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‘inFamous: Second Son’ PS4 graphics engine to be discussed by Sucker Punch

‘inFamous: Second Son’ PS4 graphics engine to be discussed by Sucker Punch
‘inFamous: Second Son’ PS4 graphics engine to be discussed by Sucker Punch
Sony Computer Entertainment

Adrian Bentley will be discussing the PS4 graphics engine for the upcoming exclusive video game, “inFamous: Second Son,” in the near future. According to a report from Push Square on Jan. 18, the lead engine programmer at Sucker Punch Productions disclosed that he will be holding a “Engine Postmortem of inFamous: Second Son” session at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The panel will give attendees some insight on the creation of a super hero game in an open-world environment. It should also provide some details on the graphics for the latest installment of the series as Adrian Bentley is expected to discuss the improved visual elements due to the advent of the PS4 next-generation system. You can find some screenshots of the video game in the slideshow to the left of this article and his comments below:

Have you ever wanted to make an urban open world super hero game? Push boundaries on emotive cutscenes? Render awesome particle effects? Or maybe you just want to make your game really cool on the PS4? In this talk, we'll describe how Sucker Punch designed the inFAMOUS Second Son engine to take advantage of the power of the PS4. We'll cover our threading approach, its pros and cons, how we made content easier to tweak and create, and how we utilized compute and the PS4's GPU to achieve new levels of visual fidelity.

The Game Developers Conference will take place from March 17th to March 21st in San Francisco. Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to have a big presence at the event as Mark Cerny, the system architect of the PS4, will be included in another postmortem session.

“inFamous: Second Son” will be launching on March 21st in North America. The exclusive video game for the next-generation system is being developed by the aforesaid Sucker Punch Productions with Sony Computer Entertainment responsible for the publishing aspects of the release.