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inFamous: Second Son patch for PS4 allows for time changes, FPS cap

inFamous: Second Son getting new PS4 patch
inFamous: Second Son getting new PS4 patch
Sucker Punch

infamous: Second Son is going to be getting its first big time patch for the PS4 in a couple of weeks. Sucker Punch announced the patch on Tuesday and said it will bring a whole host of new features.

Among those features will be the ability to cap the FPS in the game to 30. Sucker Punch admitted it liked an unlocked frame rate, but understands players who do not. With the patch, players will be able to make sure the rate never exceeds 3oFPS.

Once the update lands, players will also be able to turn the HUD on and off, all the better to take some really pretty screenshots from your PS4 social share function.

Another new feature coming the next few weeks will be the ability to change the time of day you are playin in, should you manage to beat infamous: Second Son.

You can then play through your favorite missions or scenes in a completely different time of day than you first saw the game. It’s safe to say this will also be available online.

Sucker Punch says the patch was put together as a direct result of customer complaints, especially when it comes to be able to lock the framerate. The development team claims it will be rolling out even more updates as feedback continues to roll in from the gaming community at-large. It seems to be in the developer’s best interests to give the gamers what they want. Reports indicate infamous: Second Son was so popular in the UK it actually helped double sales of the PS4.

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