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'inFamous: Second Son' gets new trailer, won't get free demo

"inFamous: Second Son" is hitting store shelves in just a couple of weeks and to celebrate the impending release, the title got a brand new live action trailer on Friday.

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inFamous: Second son won't have demo

That is the good news when it comes to "Second Son" the bad news is that this version of "inFamous" won't get a free demo. That also isn't exactly something that should be unexpected these days.

While demo release of games used to be the the norm, but more and more game publishers are becoming loathe to let gamers get their hands on content before the official release. Sucker Punch also confirmed earlier this week that "inFamous" will join the new parade of titles that are giving an early look.

Brand development director talked to VideoGamer and confirmed "inFamous: Second Son" won't be letting anyone see the content first hand before March 21.

“I don’t think we’re going to have a demo,” Schramm said in the interview. “It’s hard to have a demo with an open world game to be honest with you. You what, pick two missions out of the whole thing then you give them a little slice of the world, you gotta make all these walls? I don’t think [having a demo] does justice to an open-world game.”

That explanation actually sounds like a pretty good one when it comes to "Second Son." In order to further drum up interest in "inFamous" the publishers put out the new live-action trailer focusing on the cinematic theme of the “infamous: Second Son.”

The video recreates the theme of "Second Son" where users will play as Delsin Rowe, fighting against the Department of Unified Protection. "InFamous" is set in a future Seattle where people with super powers are hunted down and imprisoned by the DUP.

With the news that "The Last of Us" got its own movie, you've got to wonder whether this kind of a video is trying to get "inFamous" its own television show or movie as well. The story is certainly interesting enough that it could be made into something else.

There's also plenty of demand for "inFamous: Second Son" as witnessed by the news that preorders for the title have actually outpaced the numbers "The Last of Us" racked up.

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