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'inFamous: Second Son' gets day one patch adding five hours of gameplay

infamous: Second Son launched on Friday and most gamers were probably surprised by just how big the game’s day one patch ended up being. Sucker Punch has a pretty good reason why the Second Son patch was so large.

inFamous: Second Son gets massive patch
Sucker Punch

A new report indicates that the day one download for the newest entry into the inFamous mythos adds an additional five hours of gameplay. The inFamous: Second Son patch certainly tweaks and fixes some problems that would have made inFamous less fun to play, but that doesn’t appear to be the biggest reason why Second Son got the download.

More than 20 missions have been included in the new inFamous content, which explains why the Second Son data is more than 300 MB. In total, the new content includes a couple of new storylines, according to Gaming Bolt. Cole’s Legacy is the first inFamous: Second Son storyline and is actually only available to those who preordered the game.

That storyline covers four different missions and brings another hour of content. Among the actions you are able to carry out in this new Second Son content is to explore some of the events that directly follow inFamous 2 but aren’t shown in Second Son. Players will also work with an investigative reporter to figure out the source of the powers people are suddenly developing.

The other storyline, called Paper Trail is released for everyone and brings another 19 missions that also offer up some online investigating to figure out the puzzles offered up. The end of this mission will allow a big time inFamous: Second Son reveal which will give the full story of the D.U.P’s occupation of Seattle.

Along with the new missions, the update is said to give the game better difficulty balance. The boss fights have also been tweaked in a way that should make them a little more dynamic and not act quite so much like a piece of programming in a computer.

The tweaks have also allowed for a more vibrant life on the streets of Seattle, the game’s setting. There is said to be more pedestrian and traffic density, as well as great variety of both. Sucker Punch also says the graphics have been sharpened a bit and the final tweak is PSN integration with the Paper Trail DLC.

All in all, inFamous: Second Son should appreciate the additions and improvements especially with the rather large number of positive reviews the title was getting before the patch.

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