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‘inFamous: Second Son’ features Easter Egg from ‘inFamous’ and ‘inFamous 2’

‘inFamous: Second Son’ features Easter Egg from ‘inFamous’ and ‘inFamous 2’
‘inFamous: Second Son’ features Easter Egg from ‘inFamous’ and ‘inFamous 2’
Sony Computer Entertainment

A new Easter Egg has been discovered in the PS4 exclusive video game, “inFamous: Second Son.” According to a report from Gamepur on Feb. 23, a gameplay video recently appeared online for the upcoming action-adventure video game.

The footage shows off the main character of the story, Delsin Rowe, maneuvering around the rainy streets of Seattle using his neon powers. One of the locations spotted is a store called “Cole McG's Electronics.”

Long time fans of the series will be able to recognize the reference. Cole McGrath is the protagonist from “inFamous” and “inFamous 2.” His main power from the previous two installments is electricity.

Sucker Punch Productions previously revealed that several exclusive missions will be made available for customers who pre-ordered the regular and limited editions of “inFamous: Second Son.” The bonuses would link the events of Cole McGrath in “inFamous” and “inFamous 2” to the upcoming PS4 video game.

“inFamous: Second Son” is expected to launch next month on March 21st in the United States region. The aforesaid Sucker Punch Productions is the studio behind the game’s production. Sony Computer Entertainment is the company responsible for publishing the PS4 exclusive software product.

You can find some screens showcasing the neon and other powers of Delsin Rowe with the slideshow gallery located on the left side of this article.