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‘inFamous: Second Son’ exclusive pre-order DLC mission details revealed

‘inFamous: Second Son’ exclusive pre-order DLC mission details revealed
‘inFamous: Second Son’ exclusive pre-order DLC mission details revealed
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Fred Dutton has posted more details about the exclusive pre-order DLC missions for “inFamous: Second Son.” According to a report from the Official European Playstation Blog on March 3, the representative from Sony Computer Entertainment reiterated that the Cole’s Legacy activities will explain what happen between the events of “inFamous 2” and the upcoming title.

Players will be controlling Delsin, the main character of “inFamous: Second Son.” As he completes the missions from the pre-order bonus pack, the player will learn more about the “chain of events” from the end of “inFamous 2” that lead to the takeover of Seattle by the Department of Unified Protection. You can find some screens from the third main video game of the series with the gallery located to the left side of this article and the details below:

For those of you who missed the announcement of Cole’s Legacy, it consists of a series of missions that uncover what happened between the devastating events of inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son. Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marais set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges this gap in time with a number of missions that Delsin must complete, offering unique insight into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

Cole’s Legacy will only be available for customers who reserved the regular edition of “inFamous: Second Son” or purchased the collector’s edition of the same product, which comes additional digital and physical bonuses. Sony Computer Entertainment has not yet announced plans to release the same DLC pack down the line on the Playstation Store.

March 21st is the official North American release date for “inFamous: Second Son.” The sequel is being developed at Sucker Punch Productions, the same studio that worked on the “inFamous” and “inFamous 2” video games.